2010 - 2020


First of all, a friendly Meow to everyone !


I am a Norwegian Forest Cat, or at least I look like one and I have most of  its typical characteristics.  One of them is my size, and that’s why I have asked my housekeeper and secretary to prepare this page  -  my paws are much too big for using the keyboard of  my computer. 


I was born some time in summer 2010 and I must have lived in an environment where I got a very good education and I love books  -  but somehow I got lost. In February 2011 I finally found a place that seemed to be to my liking because it offered food and shelter. Thanks to my good education I had survived my time as a homeless cat (yes, I am pretty good at catching my own food) and I was quickly accepted as a family member (because I already knew how to handle people).


I therefore happily settled in a residential area of a village in a rural area of South-Eastern France, in a house surrounded by a garden with trees and with big hedges all around. I have a very sedentary lifestyle; I leave my own territory only occasionally, mostly for playing with a friend who lives next door. I like to play cat-and-mouse with him; he is a particularly small tomcat and therefore he is always the mouse, and I with my weight of 8 kg and my fluffy furcoat I am now a very respectable representative of my species.


But being afraid of anything that moves or makes noise (such as strangers, cars, lawnmowers and vacuum cleaners). I am having lots of catnaps on one of the appropriate places in the house (such as beds, chairs, cartons, baskets and computer keyboards  -  a laptop is best, because its keyboard is so nicely heated).


In only one point I do not fulfill the specifications defined for a Norwegian Forest Cat: I hate snow.  Thanks to my waterproof outer coat I do not mind rain so much and even when it rains I prefer a discrete place under the hedges to an indoor litter box.



This does however not mean that I am not a perfect indoor cat during the few months in the winter when I am relocating to my secondary territory, an apartment in a resort town in the South-West of Germany. I like that place, particularly because the view from one of its windows is far more interesting than what I can watch from my house-and-garden territory:  Birds in the trees, pigeons on the neighboring roofs, and people walking their dogs on the square below provide more action than the street passing by my French residence, where "rush hour" means something like three cars and one pedestrian per hour.







For such travels I do of course have an official EU passport, and it is probably very appropriate that this certifies that I am a cat of French rather than Norwegian nationality.




Some news from summer 2015: My winter-territory has now become a permanent secondary territory, and in addition we are looking a new territory just on the other side of river Rhine !


In order to escape from all the the packing and moving, I will again have the occasional opportunity of spending a holiday at the wonderful cat-hotel in the village of Heisdolsheim in Alsace !





The latest news from  April 2016:

My housekeeepers have purchased a new territory for me in the northern part of Alsace, just 25 minutes away from my "secondary residence" in Baden-Baden, Germany.  They are still busy getting it organized, but in a few weeks I shall be able to take possession of it !


There will again be outdoor space with plenty of entertainment, and it will be fun to switch between territories without having to travel eachtime 500 km in my whatever luxurious travel-compartment in the car. So I shall now forget about my old territory which, as I have been told, has been taken over already by an orange tomcat and his friend, a little inky.


I avoid getting involved in all the transport confusion, so for the next few days I am still at my holiday residence in Heidolsheim with my friends, the little black cat Maxi, a big chicen, and my newest friend, the three weeks old turkey with whom I share my holiday-housekeeper's the living room. More about my my new territory will follow soon - promised.

More to come soon, but first I need a catnap, as usual  . . .

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Fluffy's Secretary,

and last up-dated on 27 April 2016