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 I am Tommy, and I have taken over this site now !


I am not Fluffy, not by name and not by looks, but I do my best to fill the void that the departure of my predecessor has left. Late August 2020, Fluffy died from a heart attack  -  on the way from his garden to his dinner he laid down, and that was it. What a wonderful way to leave after a wonderful life !

I first met my new big companion and tin-opener, known as the “old grey Tomcat Hans”, when he came to interview me for the post at my temporary residence at the cat-rescue near Baden-Baden on the 2nd of October. We liked each other right away, and on the 13th of Octoberhe packed me into a big travel-box and took to my new home !


The very nice housekeepers at the rescue-place had made sure that I got proper care, and they took me to the dentist and for vaccinations and all that. They offered me a place in one of their multi-cat suites, even with outdoor space, but I clearly showed that I did not like company. So I was back in a very small single room when I had my first interview with the old grey Tomcat.

01 in box.jpg

My favourite menus are juicy ones from little bags. I also like liquid snacks. Dry, hard food is not for me, and that is why I always order something fresh and juicy when I have an empty space in my little tummy. I also like to do dishwashing, in particular whenever somthing wit a meaty cream-sauce has left its traces !

empty plate.jpg

Whenever I have accumulated enough energy, by cat-napping and eating, I do some exercise: Racing from one corner of my territory to the most remote one, turning around, and racing to another corner. On the way I visit whatever place looks interesting, and one of my favorite stops is at the grey box on top of a shelf near the desk: When I step on the right button on top of the box, it starts purring and spits out a piece of paper !


These are xmas presents from our dear friends Misty and Lorraine in their  Alpine resort !

Now, if I could only find out what is in there  -   I just can not wait until December 24 !


I talk quite a lot and I have a loud voice, in particular whenever it is time for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack in between, or for getting my belly cuddled or when I just want attention. My new place really has all the comfort I could wish: Not only a basket by a radiator,  with a very cosy pillow in cat-paw-design and a Teddy-bear to cuddle up with, but also interesting hideouts in shelves, under tables and so on. Occasionally I jump up on a chair and when I get bored I pull a few books from the bookshelf. I like classical romance and detective stories, Shakespeare and Goethe are my absolute favorites.

My printer.jpg

For the winter, my housekeeper got this special hammock for me, 

Hammock 1.jpg

but I use it just as a very convenient step to a much better place for really warming up !

winter spa.jpg

So much for now; thinking about exercise and studying ways to get into the boxes makes me tired. I really better go back to my orange pillow on the sofa, before someone else claims this space!

pillow 2.jpg

.. . . or even better: I share the sofa, because I am the most cuddly cat one can imagine ! And by the way: The fur-lined slippers  visible at the top of the picture are the most wonderful present that was hidden in one of our x-mas boxes. Theyare in daily use !


This site is a work in progress. More pictures and stories will be added, once I feel like it. And if you want to know more about my winter-territory and the summer-territory that I do mot know yet, look at the pages ""Fluffy to 2016" and "Fluffy to 2020" where my lucky predecessor  described his adventures of many years!


. . .  and over the holidays I even had my own xmas-tree. Well, it is actually the one of my dear pen-pal Misty in the Alps !

Paw small.jpg
Paw small.jpg
Paw small.jpg
Paw small.jpg

And let me tell you that I am very grateful to my predecessor Fluffy   for having trained my tin-opener and housekeeper so well !

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